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In vitro fertilization (IVF) is an assisted reproductive technology (ART) which can allow hopeful parents, as well as those struggling with infertility, to have a child. During IVF treatment, eggs and sperm are combined in a laboratory and then transferred into the uterus. Dr. Bruce Albrecht and Dr. Dana Ambler both believe that IVF should be recommended for patients who have exhausted other avenues of treatment. However, when necessary, we can provide first-rate IVF treatment at affordable prices at our Lone Tree office in Englewood,CO. For qualified patients, treatment starts at under $8,000(excluding medications). 

What Do I Need To Know?" Webinar

Wondering if In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the right option for you? Watch Dr. Dana Ambler featured in our latest webinar “ In Vitro Fertilization, What Do I Need To Know?” Dr. Ambler discusses who is a good candidate for IVF, how long the process of IVF takes, risks, and what makes Denver Fertility Albrecht Women’s Care unique.

Candidates for IVF

You may be a candidate for IVF if you or your partner have been diagnosed with:

IVF may be recommended for other specific reasons. For example, many women harvest and freeze their eggs to protect them against the harmful effects of cancer treatment or to postpone pregnancy until a later date.

When other options have been exhausted, we can perform IVF and even meet the needs of patients who would not be candidates at other clinics. 

We rarely recommend IVF as a preliminary treatment unless there is a specific, identifiable issue which makes it the best choice, such as complete fallopian tube blockage.  Throughout our doctors' careers, Dr. Albrecht and Dr. Ambler have helped many patients with a prognosis achieve success using treatments other than IVF.. However, when other options have been exhausted, we can perform IVF and even meet the needs of patients who would not be IVF candidates at other fertility clinics. 

Initial Consultation and Treatment Planning

During your first appointment, you and your partner will spend an hour with Dr. Albrecht or Dr. Ambler reviewing your medical history. We will also ask you to provide information on any fertility testing and/or treatment you have undergone and discuss additional screenings, as needed. This may include testing of reserve ova and a uterine cavity exam, as well as a semen analysis. Dr. Albrecht or Dr. Ambler may also recommend vitamin and antioxidant supplements and lifestyle changes, depending on your specific fertility diagnosis. If needed, you can also consult with a nutritionist or counselor to help improve both your emotional and physical well-being before beginning treatment. In subsequent visits to the office, you will discuss the IVF process in detail with your physician and the team of IVF coordinators.  We will ask that you complete several preliminary steps before the actual IVF process.

IVF graphic
IVF consists of several steps which typically take a few months to complete.

The IVF Process

A full cycle of IVF typically takes a few months and involves four major steps.

Ovulation Induction

To begin IVF, the woman will undergo controlled ovarian hyperstimulation (COH). During this stage, fertility medications are used to to synchronize and stimulate the development of multiple ovarian follicles, which contain the eggs released during ovulation. Typically, patients also use a medication to prevent early ovulation. For most patients, COH occurs over a period of eight to 12 days. 

Egg Harvesting

The next step in the process is egg harvesting. This procedure is timed according to egg maturation and ovulation. The eggs are removed from the ovary using ultrasound guided aspiration of the ovarian follicles. Once the eggs are harvested, we store them in a special incubator until insemination. 

Insemination and Fertilization

Step three of IVF involves the insemination and fertilization of the eggs. Your spouse, partner, or donor will provide the sperm sample on the day the eggs are harvested. If your partner has a low sperm count or motility or abnormally shaped sperm, Dr. Albrecht or Dr. Ambler can perform treatments, such as ICSI, to improve the chances of selecting healthy sperm. Before insemination, the sperm is “washed” to encourage successful fertilization and then combined with the eggs. 

Embryo Transfer

Once the embryos have developed in the laboratory, treatment will culminate with embryo transfer. Dr. Albrecht or Ambler can perform embryo transfer as an outpatient procedure at our clinic. Once the embryos are placed within the uterine cavity, we will continue to monitor your progress and provide support to help ensure a successful pregnancy. 

First-Rate Care at Affordable Prices

For the right patients, in vitro fertilization can offer a unique opportunity to build a family. At Denver Fertility, our doctors understand the stress you may be experiencing and strive to ensure they are accessible at every stage of treatment. We strive to make In Vitro Fertilization affordable with IVF starting at under $8,000 excluding medications, we also offer financing options.  For more information about IVF or other infertility treatment options available, contact our office online. You can also call (720) 464-3935 to speak to a member of our friendly, caring staff today.

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